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Trespa Virtuon And Wall Panelling

Trespa® Virtuon® truly leads the way when it comes to top of the range coloured panels. Using an array of simple, modern and unique colours, Virtuon® allows for a solution which offers Metallic colours which have unique glittering properties and colour-depth.

This product opens up the possibility to incorporate a unique style or even the occupant's brand identity into the design. For truly one of a kind designs use Trespa®® Virtuon®.

Available for:
IPS panels
Interior Wall Cladding
Toilet Cubicles

Hygenic Wall Cladding


Colours & Finish

Trespa® Virtuon® architectural panels come in a vast range of colours and effects to create a look that's completely your own.
Architects and designers can specify a semi-matte Satin finish or a robust Rock finish for highly tactile aesthetic effects. Some colours are also available in a very smooth Silk finish.

Quality and durability

Trespa® Virtuon® is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with a surface manufactured using Trespa®’s unique in-house technology, Electron Beam Curing (EBC).
Developed for demanding interior applications, Trespa®’s underlying technology combines wood-based fibres with thermosetting resins under high pressure and at high temperatures, transforming them into robust panels that meet the most exacting specifications.
The unique properties of Trespa® Virtuon® make them highly durable with a long life of retained appearance.


Designed for frequent cleaning

More than ever, building owners and operators employ regular and frequent cleaning regimens to deliver the highest levels of hygiene in demanding interior environments.
Because of its closed EBC composition, Trespa® Virtuon® surfaces are smooth and show significantly low dirt pick up – thus making the product easy to clean and disinfect.

Resistant to bacteria

Trespa® Virtuon® has inherent antibacterial properties, without the addition of antimicrobial additives.
An independent test by the British Industrial Microbiological Services Ltd (IMSL) shows a near elimination of certain bacteria after 24 hours.


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