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Altro Whiterock And Wall Panelling


Altro Whiterock PVC wall cladding systems are durable, hygienic coverings for internal walls. Showers and kitchens in particular benefit from these watertight, seamless, wipe-clean surfaces.

These are areas where, traditionally, people have opted for ceramic tiles - which were never designed to cope with all modern hygiene requirements. The Altro Whiterock cladding system gives you a new option, and in many ways a superior one.

Hygenic Wall Cladding



The key difference is the lack of grout on the surface of a PVC wall cladding. Unlike a tiled surface dirt has nowhere to hide and water can't seep through to the substrate behind - a problem that can cause major structural damage to any building.

Seamless Wall Cladding


Sealed Airtight

Some people think that a wall cladding leaves a gap between the wall and the cladding itself. Altro Whiterock PVC systems are sealed to walls. They are air and watertight, so nothing can get in behind.

Airtight Wall Cladding


Tough to Crack

Altro Whiterock PVC cladding has an extremely high impact resistance. Impacts that would leave ceramic faces vulnerable to water ingress barely leave a scratch on this tough surface. The same is true for the cladding's thermoformed corners - an area where ceramic tiles are particularly vulnerable. Altro Whiterock PVC cladding also has an excellent Fire Rating

Tough Wall Cladding


Maintains its Appearance

Altro Whiterock PVC cladding provides a smooth, continuous surface that is stain resistant and very easy to wipe clean.You won't find any of the maintenance problems that grouted systems produce - like staining or individual tile failure.

Wipe Clean Wall Cladding


Wall Panelling


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