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Dissipating Acoustic Panels

Ideal for reducing reverberation time in Lecture Halls, Auditoriums or Meeting Rooms

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With the popularisation of open plan environments the accoustics in a room have become an important consideration during furnishing. Be it an office space, school classroom, church halls or any space filled with people expected to speak or listen reverberation time can be a troubling distraction.

Reducing reverberation can increase awareness, concentration and the ability to retain information.

Our Acoustic Panels are manufactured to your exact specifications making them an environmentally friendly solution with little to no waste created by off cuts

Available in a range of stylish designs and finishes our panels are an unobtrusive yet functional method of sound dissipation.

Dissipating Acoustic Panels are a range of wall-mounted absorption panels that enable the reduction of reverberation time by dissipating the sound energy.

Customisable to different sound frequency ranges Dissipating Acoustic Panels can drastically improve the overall acoustic environment with improved levels of intelligibility.

Easy to fit and install into your space our panels are one of the best solutions available on the market.


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