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Antibacterial Panels

Antimicrobial Interior Wall Cladding

Antibacterial Panels are designed to meet the strict sanitary requirements of Hospitals, Labs and Clean Rooms. They offer an efficient and long lasting protection against Bacteria, Mildew & Acrid.

The antibacterial panels contain silver ions, a natural antimicrobial agent which assists in neutralising bacteria and other harmful microbes.

A more economic alternative to ceramic tiles, Out anti-bacterial panels are lightweight and easy to fit

Antibacterial Panels


Hygenic Wall Cladding

Our Antimicrobial Wall Cladding is best suited for:

Ideal for use in

Medical Facilities such as Hospitals, Surgeries, Dental Practices, Veterinary Services and Laboratories.

Suitable for use in

Sterile Manufacturing, Food Safe Areas, Kitchens, Leisure Centres and Care Homes.

Safe & Hygienic

High Moisture Resistance makes them easy to Clean and maintain. Their resistance to harsh chemical cleaning agents used in hospitals and other commercial facilities makes them a long lasting solution.

This product has an extremely low formaldehyde emission levels achieving E1 grade

The Antibacterial panels have low VOC emission rates


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