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Shower wall


Shower Wall Systems

Showerwall systems offer a cost effective cladding solutions to cover large wall areas effortlessly, its main benefit is faster and cleaner installation compared to tiling.
Shower-Wall panels are designed to be used in high-moisture areas and are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Available in HPL or SGL, Shower-Wall can be applied over existing wall finishes which have become tired and lackluster - enhancing their appearance.

Showerwall HPL is suitable for areas with occasional water contact and is made from a 12mm Plywood core faced with a decorate laminate finish.Shower-Wall SGL is suitable for areas with constant water contact and is made from either 10mm or 13mm Solid Laminate.

Colours & Finishes

Applications include Toilets, Showers, Hospitals, Sports halls, Swimming baths, office blocks, Schools, leisure centre's etc. Showerwall eliminates the need for costly time-consuming tiling and Provides a hygienic and maintenance free Solution.

Jointing extrusions come in 3 metre lengths and are available in Satin Anodised Aluminium.Other colours are available upon request.


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