Trespa Virtuon

Top of the Range Coloured Panels

Available as:
IPS panels
Interior Wall Cladding
Toilet Cubicles

Trespa® Virtuon® truly leads the way when it comes to top of the range coloured panels. Using an array of simple, modern and unique colours, Virtuon allows for a solution which offers Metallic colours which have unique glittering properties and colour-depth. This product opens up the possibility to incorperate a unique style or even the occupant's brand identity into the design. For truly one of a kind designes use Trespa® Virtuon®.

Colours & Finishes

Trespa® Virtuon® architectural panels come in a vast range of colours and effects to create a look that's completely your own. Architects and designers can specify a semi-matt Satin finish or a robust Rock finish for highly tactile aesthetic effects. Some colours are also available in a very smooth Silk finish.

Trespa® Virtuon® can be ordered in custom colours, for more information contact us on: or call us using the contact numbers listed below.

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trespa virtuon

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Interior Virtuon Colour Options - Metallics

J 04.0.0 Pearl J 06.4.1 Amber J 12.4.2 Granat Red J 18.7.2 Amethyst J 20.4.2 Northern light J 21.3.4 Azurite Blue J 21.8.1 Graphite Grey J 24.3.3 Lagoon J 34.3.1 Bottle Green

Interior Virtuon Colour Options - Uni

K 03.0.0 White K 03.1.0 Pastel Grey K 03.4.0 Silver Grey K 04.0.5 Zinc Yellow K 04.1.7 Gold Yellow K 05.0.0 Pure White K 05.1.1 Stone Beige K 05.1.2 Champagne K 06.3.5 Ochre K 07.1.1 Sand K 08.2.1 Mid Beige K 08.2.3 Salmon K 08.3.1 Stone Grey K 08.4.5 Rusty Red K 10.1.8 K 10.3.2 Old Rose K 10.4.5 Sienna Brown K 10.6.1 Taupe K 11.4.4 English Red K 12.3.7 Carmine Red K 12.6.3 Wine Red K 13.3.1 Heather K 13.3.7 Ruby Red K 16.5.1 Mauve K 17.3.5 Cyclam K 18.3.5 Plum Blue K 20.2.3 Light Viola K 20.5.2 Lavender Blue K 20.7.2 Dark Blue K 21.5.4 Cobalt Blue K 22.2.4 Powder Blue K 22.3.1 Ocean Grey K 22.4.4 Brilliant Blue K 22.6.2 Dark Denim K 23.0.4 Mineral Blue K 24.3.5 Turquoise Blue K 24.4.1 Steel Blue K 25.7.1 Iron Grey K 28.2.1 Aquamarine K 28.6.2 Mid Green K 30.2.3 Brilliant Turquoise K 30.3.2 Verdigris K 32.2.1 Translucent Green K 32.7.2 Dark Green K 36.3.5 Grass Green K 37.2.3 Spring Green K 40.5.1 Moss Green K 90.0.0 Black

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