Trespa Athlon

Decorative High-Pressure Compact Laminate

Available as:
IPS panels
Interior Wall Cladding
Toilet Cubicles

Architects need materials that are proven to deliver, not only aesthetically but also in performance. Today's regulations are tough and every product must meet strict codes and standards, this is where Trespa® Athlon® delivers.

Trespa® Athlon® is a decorative high-pressure compact laminate (HPL) with a melamine surface. Designed to create a board that lasts, whilst also being attractive and versatile. Suitable for even the most demanding interior applications Trespa Athlon's basic technology transforms wood-based fibres with thermosetting resins, under high pressure and temperatures, into durable panels that can meet virtually any specifications.

Super Resistant

With it's special surface, Trespa® Athlon® is resistant to scratches, scrapes and all manor of general wear and damage. when installed properly it can resist moisture and is not affected by rot or mould. this allows the panels to retain their appearance for a long time and makes it the ideal solution for facilities where severe use and frequent cleaning are expected

Low Maintenance

Trespa® Athlon® is a durable and non-reactive solution that requires no coatings or protective covers to keep clean. The closed, pore-free surfaces of dense HPL make dirt accumulation virtually impossible, ensuring the boards stay pristine and easy to clean.

Strong and Robust

Trespa® Athlon® is an engineered, rigorously fabricated panel product that turns wood-based fibres and resins into a highly resistant, dimensionally stable building material. The resulting HPL panels have a homogenous core and are easily machinable and workable, similar to hardwoods.

Fire Behaviour

Trespa is committed to the safety of its processes and products. Two classes of Trespa® Athlon® are available*: Standard Grade and Enhanced Fire-Retardant grade (FR).

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Interior Athlon Colour Options - Construction

E 0-015 Pastel Grey E 0-02 Silver Grey E 0-04 Mid Grey E 0-09 Black E 6-53 Orange Lead E 16-16 Marine Blue E 18-45 Prussian Blue E 25-02 Opal Grey E 25-03 Zinc Grey E 25-04 Steel Blue E 25-013 Ash Grey MC 1 Micro Grey MC 2 Micro Black PI 2 PI 3 Grit Wine Red PI 4 Grit Purple Red PA 1 Patina Green PA 2 Patina Rusty Red TT 2 Tatami Grey S 0-02 Silver Grey S 0-04 Mid Grey S 0-015 Pastel Grey C 0-09 Black Craquele

Interior Athlon Colour Options - Flash

E 3-42 Gold Yellow E 7-52 Carmine Red E 7-62 Poppy Red E 15-54 Ultramarine E 17-33 Brilliant Blue E 17-52 Aqua Blue E 22-53 Emerald Green E 23-53 Grass Green CB 1 Cyber Green CB 2 Cyber Orange CB 3 Cyber Blue

Interior Athlon Colour Options - Fresco

E 1-215 Pampus Yellow E 2-31 Melon Yellow E 5-11 Soft Pink E 17-30 Heaven Blue E 17-32 Powder Blue E 20-12 Aquamarine E 23-21 Pastel Green PA 3 Patina Orange Red PA 4 Patina Golden S 2-31 Melon Yellow S 17-30 Heaven Blue S 17-32 Powder Blue S 20-12 Aquamarine

Interior Athlon Colour Options - Nature

E 1-01 Ivory E 2-10 Paper White E 2-11 Stone Beige E 2-12 Mid Beige E 3-01 Sand CL 1 Calico TT 1 Tatami Flax S 3-01 Sand W 71-03 Silver Maple W 73-01 Beech W 74-01 Oak W 74-02 Solid Oak W 76-01 Highland Pine W 78-01 Wild Cherry W 80-01 Lime W 82-03 Verona Walnut W 85-02 Pear W 88-02 Europ. Wild Apple

Interior Athlon Colour Options - Polar

E 0-00 White E 2-01 Pearl White E 13-00 Cristal Pink E 19-11 Light Blue E 25-01 Icey Blue MC 3 Micro White PA 5 Patina Turquoise PA 6 Patina Light Blue S 0-00 White S 19-11 Light Blue

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