IPS Toilet

Duct and Back Panels

Our durable and stylish IPS toilet panels come in range of colours and boards that can suit any decor. This provides a level of aesthetic flexibility that will really improve the look of your washroom. The IPS panels are not just for decoration, they can function in two ways, as a duct panel or a back panel.

Duct Panels

The duct wall panel is a cladding that is so strong and robust it can be used to support sinks and urinals. These panels are strong and water resistant, creating an attractive easy to clean background for washing areas or gents toilets.

Back Panels

The IPS toilet panel is a simple wall cladding used to line the back of toilet cubicles that backed against a wall. This provides a cubicle interior that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as allowing for easier cleaning. The back panels can also be used to incorperate toilet flushes or hooks etc.

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