Hospital Toilet Cubicles

Here at Total Cubicles, we create and supply a comprehensive range of toilet cubicles for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Our Washroom Systems are designed for both staff and visitors, and are ergonomically planned to be simple to maintain, while preserving cleanliness. Often referred to as IPS Panels, Integrated Panel Systems can be produced to meet… Continue reading Hospital Toilet Cubicles

Unique and Functioning Bathroom Sculptures by Clark Sorensen

Inspired by nature (and the call of it), Clark Sorensen creates whimsical, hand-built ceramic urinals and sinks in flower and shell forms. An unusual marriage of beauty and functionality, Sorensen’s sculptures have attracted attention worldwide. Whether in a ‘man cave’, master bathroom, gallery, or business, Sorensen’s urinals and sinks provide a memorable conversation piece in… Continue reading Unique and Functioning Bathroom Sculptures by Clark Sorensen

Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

If you’re keen to give your green credentials a serious boost this year, then you need to make sure that you have hand dryers installed in your toilet cubicles rather than providing your members of staff or customers with paper towels to dry their hands with. Not only are these dryers a lot more hygienic… Continue reading Hand Dryers Vs. Paper Towels

Toilet Conditions

‘Speak Volumes About A Business’ Making sure that your toilet cubicles are clean, hygienic and as pleasant an environment as possible could make all the difference to the way your business is perceived if one industry expert’s comments are to be believed. IKEA UK’s environmental and sustainable development manager Charlie Browne, speaking at the Chartered… Continue reading Toilet Conditions

To Flush Or Not To Flush

Having a beautiful bathroom suite is very important for business owners keen to keep their employees happy and their clients impressed with the way they run their operations, so you need to think about setting out a policy reminding people what they can and cannot flush when in the toilet cubicle. Many people think it’s… Continue reading To Flush Or Not To Flush

What Safety Features Do You Have In Your Bathroom?

Whatever business you run, you need to think long and hard about the different people who may be using your toilet cubicles and whether you’ve provided them with exactly what they need. You especially need to consider whether you’ve adequately provided for disabled people and those above a certain age – and certain safety features… Continue reading What Safety Features Do You Have In Your Bathroom?

Where Do You Stand On Gender-Neutral Cubicles?

When buying your new washroom cubicles, you might like to consider a new trend emerging in the US for gender-neutral bathrooms in workplaces, college campuses and city-operated facilities. According to the University of Massachusetts Amhert’s Stonewall Center, there are over 150 schools across the country that have such washrooms, with many adopting the policy in… Continue reading Where Do You Stand On Gender-Neutral Cubicles?