What Safety Features Do You Have In Your Bathroom?

Whatever business you run, you need to think long and hard about the different people who may be using your toilet cubicles and whether you’ve provided them with exactly what they need. You especially need to consider whether you’ve adequately provided for disabled people and those above a certain age – and certain safety features should perhaps be included.

If you don’t have the space in your building to have separate bathroom for disabled people, then make sure that you include items like anti-slip mats where appropriate and install products such as grab bars for anyone who may need a bit of assistance in standing up.

Making investments such as these serves to show your customers and other members of the public that you are a forward-thinking institution and care about the needs of others, whatever these may be. Even if you have a workforce that is made up of predominantly young people, it makes sense to cater for everyone so that if you do have an older client whose needs may be slightly different they are more than comfortable when they visit your premises.

If you don’t like the look of anti-slip mats and are worried that they may cause more trouble than they’re worth because people could trip over the end of them, why not think about laying the floor with a tile that comes with a textured surface that will do a lot to help prevent people from slipping. Have a look to see what products are on the market and see whether your bathroom suite could benefit from certain little additions.

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