Where Do You Stand On Gender-Neutral Cubicles?

When buying your new washroom cubicles, you might like to consider a new trend emerging in the US for gender-neutral bathrooms in workplaces, college campuses and city-operated facilities.

According to the University of Massachusetts Amhert’s Stonewall Center, there are over 150 schools across the country that have such washrooms, with many adopting the policy in order to address serious access and safety concerns for certain students.

Staff attorney for the Transgender Law Center Sasha Buchert told the Huffington Post that by forcing non-gender conforming students to use traditional bathrooms “repeatedly ‘outs’ them to other students or employees and stigmatises them daily by singling them out and prevents them from having critical peer experiences”.

The expert continued, noting that people should be focusing more on doing their job to the best of their ability or concentrating on their education, rather than worrying about which bathroom they should or should not be using.

Earlier this month (September), the Indiana University Student Association Congress Assembly in the US voted to approve gender-neutral bathrooms to help make people more comfortable, while in the UK last year the University of Sussex announced plans to build three different types of washroom for transgender, male and female students so that everyone would feel welcome.

It could certainly be worth weighing up the pros and cons of getting rid of men’s and women’s bathrooms, and just have one that serves everyone. Why not send out a poll to the office to see where everyone else lies on the issue and then take it from there?

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