Toilet Conditions

‘Speak Volumes About A Business’

Making sure that your toilet cubicles are clean, hygienic and as pleasant an environment as possible could make all the difference to the way your business is perceived if one industry expert’s comments are to be believed.

IKEA UK’s environmental and sustainable development manager Charlie Browne, speaking at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Annual Conference in London, said that the first place auditors go when visiting a company is the toilets because it gives you the best idea of a business, Supply Management reports.

Even if your workplace is spick and span, without a piece of paper out of place, if your bathroom facilities are dirty, untidy and smell suspect chances are that any prospective clients will not want to do business with you and you may find it hard to attract and retain the best talent in your field.

It takes no time at all to find a professional cleaning company who can come in and make sure that your washrooms are kept spotless so that it doesn’t matter if the president of the United States comes a-visiting, you know that there’s nothing to worry about where your toilets are concerned.

Make sure that you have suitable hand wash available and effective electric dryers instead of paper towels – the more modern your bathroom is, the better an impression you will leave as a company. You can get some amazing hand dryers these days that can dry hands in a matter of seconds, so why not think about investing in a set of these?

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