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Storage & Shelving

Our Storage units and shelving are a truly bespoke product. We can design them to fit your requirements in a wide array of options including Height, Width, Depth, row counts.

The metal framework can be coated in a wide variety of colours. The benching slats can be manufactured from a variety of board types or woods with the same selection of colours as our cubicle ranges

Extras such as coat or boot hangars, shelves or shoe racks can be added where needed.
Secure fixing joint can be added to secure the bench to either the floor, walls or even both.
If you have any special benching requirements not shown feel free to message us with your requirements and we'll see if it's possible.


Tiered Shelving

Available with 3, 4 or 5 Shelves


L bracket Shelves


Wall Fixed Tiered Shelves


Benching Ranges

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