Indoor Benches

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Suitable schools, changing and cloak rooms etc.

Our benches are cut from solid grade laminate, which is robust, sturdy and long lasting. The laminate used can be produced in a range of colours and faux wood designs. It is completely water-proof and will not damaged by most powerful cleaning products. These benches are usually implemented within changing rooms, swimming baths etc. Though due to the strong, robust laminate that the benches are built from, vandalism is incredibly difficult. This makes the product perfect for places with high usage and unreliable users. Such as schools and even prisons.

School Benches and Peg Rails

Our benches, shoe racks and peg rails are most commonly installed in schools and colleges. Our products can be made to virtually any dimensions. Our shoe racks and peg rails are ideal for school cloakrooms. They come in a range of colours and woods, with more colorful options for younger children. All of our benching options can be cleaned without the risk of damage.

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