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Healthcare Sector Toilet Cubicles

Washroom Cubicles that remain clean in high traffic areas

Resistant to harsh cleaning chemicals

Hygene is of utmost importance in the healthcare sector. Research shows that bacteria is more prevelant on the fittings and cubicle stalls than the smooth porcelain of washroom utilities. For this reason it's essential to have panels that won't easily splinter and resist the growth of mold or rot.

All our recommended cubicles for healthcare environments are manufactured using SGL boards. Their solid water resistant core prevents baterial growth and the outer laminates resistance to harsh industrial chemical cleaners allows them to be frequently cleaned and sterilized.

If you're unsure about what toilet or changing stalls best fit a healthcare project, our experienced sales team will be happy to discuss the project and advise you on the right solution for your healthcare washrooms.

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Cubicles best suited to the Healthcare sector


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