Does Your Business Have Specific Breastfeeding Cubicles?

Companies that provide customers with their own toilet cubicles may want to consider setting aside a few of them specifically for breastfeeding mothers, to allow them a level of privacy if they so desire it.

One Nottingham-based shopping mall has done just that, adding in a parent room, child-sized urinals and wash basins and wider stalls, as well as three breastfeeding cubicles in a bid to make the toilets more family-friendly.

General manager at the Victoria Centre Nigel Wheatley was quoted by the Nottingham Post as saying: “Our facilities were out of date and we wanted to take this opportunity to create new toilets and changing areas which enhanced our customers’ shopping experience when they come to the Victoria Centre.”

You may want to take inspiration from this development and do the same in your premises as it is sure to please women and families, and show that you are a forward-thinking organisation that really does care about its customers.

The Victoria Centre isn’t the only one to offer this facility, suggesting that it may well become the norm for businesses to provide feeding mothers with a place to go. Shopping centre Liverpool One also has a baby-changing unit that offers breastfeeding facilities, so why not take a leaf out of these companies’ books and set up your own cubicles for this particular purpose?It certainly won’t do your business reputation any damage if you do and you could even find yourself being praised on social media for being so innovative in your approach, which will do wonders for your public image.

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