Trespa TS200

Provides superior interior cladding solution

Trespa International has introduced TS2000 - a fixing system developed by Trespa International B.V., containing a patented clip for interior wall cladding applications giving a range of installation and application benefits. Key benefits are the ease and speed of installation. The TS200 system has been successfully used in a range of key applications and, when used in combination with Trespa Virtuon panels and specific joint solutions, the system is able to meet fire and sound requirements to the full as well as the highest hygiene and cleaning standards.

Trespa Virtuon panels for interior wall cladding are already used extensively in highly demanding interior applications such as healthcare facilities. Trespa Virtuon panels have a smooth, non-porous surface which is impact and scratch resistant. Seamless installation is key, especially in healthcare environments or clean room areas, as seams provide potential hiding places for bacteria. For effective use of TS200 in this type of application, Trespa International advises installers to use 3M VHB tape. This provides a secure seal for Trespa panel constructions, only requiring one expansion joint every 6 m. To ensure a smooth finish, a special TrespaCord or a sealant approved for use in healthcare environments may be applied. Both products have been approved for use in Operating Rooms and Cleanrooms.

Speed of installation

The Trespa TS200 system is based on existing metal stud wall construction and utilising specially designed aluminium clip profiles attached to horizontal z rail profiles. Textron Riv-Screws anchor the horizontal Z profile to the back of the Trespa panels by a fast fix thread cutting rivet process. These profiles fit into patented clips, mounted onto the face of the vertical metal C-Stud or Trespa support battens. The result is an invisible mounting system, which can be installed in a short time, with minimum on-site activity. Creating a durable, impact resistant partition wall or cladding an existing structure which can be installed in a short time, with minimum on-site activity.

The TS200 fixing system meets the European standards for safety regulations. TS200 wall cladding systems have been subjected to fire tests. Two separate wall constructions were subjected to regulatory fire tests and were certified for 30 and 60 minutes. Sound isolation tests proved successful too - three separate TS2000 types of construction yielded results of up to 64 dB. Finally, TS200 constructions, using Trespa Virtuon, can be installed dry in a minimum of time - with little or no dust being released, thus reducing the risk of release of airborne particles capable of transporting micro-organisms. Once installed, changes or relining walls can be achieved with minimum dust and or disposal issues.

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