Toilet Partition Specifications

Overall Height1960 - 1980mm
Door Height1800mm
Partition Height1800mm
Partition Width1500mm

Toilet partitions

If you're looking for a cost effective modular toilet cubicle partition for easy replacement complete with delivery within 48 hours of ordering then our Fast Fit range is the product for you. The Range is Pre - drilled for the Partition hardware & is available in three colour options. The Fast-Fit range is durable too, with bolt through hinges and SAA Fittings as standard Check our brochure for the standard size & Layout options.

Advanced Specifications

Door Specs:1970mm overall height from Floor including 150mm floor clearance
Core Material:19mm thick high performance melamine faced chipboard
Edge Treatment:Matching 1mm PVC
Environment:Dry Only
Fittings:Satan Anodised Aluminum


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Download fast-fit brochure
Toilet Partition Brochure

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Download fast-fit architect specifications
Architect specifications

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Colours for Toilet Partitions

light greyLight Grey
Every effort has been made to make these colours as true to life as possible, but due to variances among colour monitors, the colours that appear on your screen may be subject to slight variance to actual colour of product. These colours are for indication purposes only, If required, actual samples of the colours can be requested before purchasing

Toilet Partitions Fittings

Cubicle Leg

Satin anodised aluminium

SAA Hinge
Cubicle Hinge

Satin anodised aluminium

SAA Lock
Cubicle Lock

Satin anodised aluminium

SAA Toilet roll holder
Toilet Roll Holder

Satin anodised aluminium