Nubis Specifications

The Nubis range is applicable for toilet, shower and changing cubicles

Overall Height1960 - 1980mm (adjustable Leg)
Door Height1820mm
Partition Width1500 - 1800mm


Water resistant toilet, shower & changing cubicles

The Nubis toilet cubicle range is a framed cubicle system designed to meet the most demanding of applications. Typically used throughout swimming pools and leisure facilities, its sturdy construction utilizes braced aluminium pilasters and head rails to provide a robust solution to high traffic areas. Aesthetically the range looks how it performs, strong, sturdy and durable. Available in a range of stylish modern colours, it's designed to deliver where other toilet cubicles fail.

The Nubis range boasts the highest amount of customisation in comparison to our other toilet cubicles. Each element of the toilet cubicle can be customised, from the wide range of colours available for the boards, to the multiple fittings. Each toilet cubicle can be fitted with 3 different types of fittings: Satin, Black and Stainless Steel.

Advanced Specifications

Door Specs:1970mm overall height from Floor including 150mm floor clearance
Core Material:13mm thick compact laminate
Colour/Finish:Nubis Colour Set
Edge Treatment:All edges radiused and polished (black)
Environment:Wet and Dry
Fittings: Satin Anodised aluminium


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Nubis Image 1 washroom cubicles wet area water-proof toilet stalls water resistant washroom stalls water resistant high traffic stalls washroom cubicles for damp areas

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Nubis Cubicle Fittings

Other fittings available on request

Nubis Leg
Cubicle Leg

Satin anodised aluminium

SAA Hinge
Cubicle Hinge

Satin anodised aluminium

SAA Lock
Cubicle Lock

Satin anodised aluminium

SAA Toilet roll holder
Toilet Roll Holder

Satin anodised aluminium