Rainbow Specifications

Door Height1300mm1000mm
Partition Height1800mm1800mm
Partition Width1500 - 1800mm1500 - 1800mm

Toilet cubicles for schools


The Rainbow Range of toilet cubicles for schools have been specifically designed with education in mind, catering for Nurseries, Primary Schools and Senior Schools. The design incorporates swept side panels and low height doors with either curved or wave top door profiles - balancing the need for privacy and supervision.
The Rainbow stalls are available in Infant and Junior size options and are finished in stimulating colours helping to create a bright and interesting environment for youngsters. The cubicle partitions and cubicle fittings i.e. locks, feet and hinges are also finished in the three vibrant colours creating a truly stunning cubicle range of toilet cubicles for children. To see our range of colourful cubicle fittings click the link: Rainbow Cubicle Fittings for Schools »

Printing Options

We also offer a digital printing service which allows for you to customise your cubicle doors with fun and colourful designs that the children are sure to enjoy. We have several pre-set designs you can choose from,
Bespoke designs can be offered upon request.
This option can also be used to incorporate your own School theme / Logo / House Badges / X Tables to the reverse of doors etc.
The rainbow range is a brilliant way to produce a truly unique set of Infant toilet cubicles.

Advanced Specifications

Door Specs:1970mm overall height from floor including 150mm floor clearance
Core Material:19mm thick high performance melamine faced chipboard
Edge Treatment:Matching 2mm PVC
Environment:Dry Only
Fittings:Multi Coloured Powder coated aluminium


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Rainbow Brochure

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Architect specifications

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Rainbow Cubicle Fittings

Cubicle Leg

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Hinge
Cubicle Hinge

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Lock
Cubicle Lock

Multi-Powder Coated

MPC Toilet roll holder
Toilet Roll Holder

Multi-Powder Coated