Lab Furniture

Produced with Trespa TopLab

Available in almost any colour and featuring bespoke designs to suit any laboratory, our Lab furniture is perfect for your project.

Trespa TopLab

Designed specicially for labratory enviroments, Trespa TopLab is stylish and diverse, whilst also providing a high standard of hygiene and durability. This product is perfect areas were chemical, analytical and biological supplies will be used.

Clean Surface & Chemical Resistance
Due to its closed surface composition, the product retains an extremly low amount of dirt and will not succumb to rot or mould. It is also resistant to non-abrasive organic cleaning solvents - making the product easy to disinfect.

Design Flexibility
Trespa TopLab can be machined similar to high quality hardwood using industry standard tools. Meaning that Trespa TopLab can be cut to leave clean edges and uniform openings.
It can also be retrofitted to incorporate new sinks, taps etc. Without compromising its integrity or performance.

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