Impey SlimFold Shower Seat

The new SlimFold Shower Seat is available in a array of standard and special order colours.
When folded the seat's full projection is only 111mm, plus due to the folding mechanism only the stylish top side of the seat is visible. This is also safe than standard folding mechanisms as it will not drop down if knocked. It can only be deployed by pulling the front edge so that the rear of the seat slides down causing the arms to fold neatly into place.

Using cross bracing wall supports, instead of traditional floor standing legs, prevents the risk of injury as there are no patruding legs that could trip or obstuct.

The rounded and smooth seat is comfortable, feels warm to the touch and is easy to use. This revolutionary design, made in the U.K using high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel, It can support up to 300kg* (47 stone) making it one of the sturdiest products in the field.